Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kate Spade Metro watch replica


Black Bangle- J. Crew
Gold chain link bracelet- J. Crew 
Striped Watch - Pitaya 

Kate Spade Metro watch- $175

Lately, I have been obsessed with Kate Spade! My problem is that everything is so expensive! For quite some time now I've had my eye on the watches, they're so unique and glamorous! So today, I was just shopping around at some local boutiques and I came across this watch! Its an exact replica of the Kate Spade Metro watch. At first, I didn't want a fake watch but then i realized spending $175 dollars for a watch I probably wouldn't wear everyday is a bit ridiculous! I brought it up to the cash register and the lady noticed that one of the gold dots on each corner was loose and that it moves around the watch! This was the last one so they agreed to take $5 off the original price, making it only $18. The loose gold dot is barely noticeable so I decided to get it anyway! In my opinion, this was a great deal!
- Chloe


  1. That's a great find! I'm in love with the metro watches but as you said, they are quite expensive! I recently saw a watch similar to yours on! :)

    1. That's amazing! I was recently in Franchesca's and I saw a turquoise one! Keep looking around!